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About Us


SURJEN is a safe, secure and private online platform for interaction between the healthcare service providers and consumers. It is a platform which provides users on-demand access to Teleconsultation with Doctors, Home pickup of medical samples for Lab Testing, Surgery Packages Costs, Emergency Ambulance Services, Medical Tourism Services and Healthcare Marketplace, as close as their mobile phones.


Building an ecosystem to provide Accessible, Affordable and Authentic (AAA) healthcare delivery services for Africans.


Use of technology in bridging the gap between consumers and providers by building a competitive and transparent healthcare services delivery platform for Africans.

Our Team

SURJEN is backed by a team of professionals dedicated to healthcare delivery services for more than a decade.

Sudhir Singh Rathore
Sudhir Singh Rathore
Pragya Singh Rathore
Pragya Singh Rathore
Joshua Umaru
Joshua Umaru
Business Development
Obinna Kalu
Obinna Kalu
Operations Manager
Okoli Chibuike Joseph
Okoli Chibuike Joseph
Content Creator


SURJEN’s extensive network of certified laboratories and top-notch hospitals provide quick services to help you recover faster & live better in the comfort of your own home thereby making healthcare more convenient & reliable for our patients


SURJEN is a healthtech startup bootstrapped by its founders. For investment opportunities you can send us an email at

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