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$ 65000

  • Equipments :   As given in Description
  • Contact No. :   (0)8081111121
  • Location :   abuja
  • Year of Establishment :   2024
  • Time of Availability :   Day/Night

Air Ambulance (Chartered)

Chartered air ambulance transports critically-ill patients from anywhere in Nigeria to any part of the world.

Our team of aviation specialists provides Chartered Aircrafts and the patients are transported under the guidance of our qualified medical crew consisting of Registered Flight Nurses, Paramedics and Physicians on aircraft.

The aircraft is equipped for critical-care medical equipments like, patient Monitors, Ventilators, Nebulisers, Infusion Pumps, Oxygen Masks, Defibrillators, Pulse Oximeters, Suction Units, Stretchers, Intubation Equipments, Traction Splints and Neck Collars, Intravenous Fluids, Cardiac Life Support medications among others.

What to expect when you book a chartered air ambulance

Below given are a few aspects of booking of a chartered air ambulance.

1. A preliminary assessment of the patient will be required by a qualified healthcare practitioner.

2. A minimum of 24-hour turn-around time is expected after the payment is done.

3. Patients and attendants including medical crew will need visa clerances from the high comission/Embassy of the landing country.

4. Paramedics and doctors accompany the patient throughout the transfer process.

5. 100% upfront payment is required for air ambulance services.

Air Ambulance FAQ’s

Q. Which type of air ambulance to select?

A. You can book an air ambulance based on your requirements with regards to patient condition versus the financial cost burden. There are various kinds of air transfers, through helicopters, chartered aircrafts, Emergency Transport Unit (ETU). Please read carefully in description section of air ambulance booking page before booking.

Q. Choice of hospital or drop off location?

A. User can choose any Hospital or drop off location anywhere in the world.

Q. Are Surjen air ambulance crew qualified to attend a critical patienton board?

A. Our air ambulance service partners provide licensed and certified attendants and paramedics like nurses and doctors.

Q. How does Surjen air ambulance rates are established?

A. Surjen ambulance rates are in-line with our partner's fare chart distribution. They depend on the following factors:

· Air Ambulance Landing Fees and Logistical Charges around the world

· Patient Health Condition

· Air Ambulance Aircraft type

· Distance to the destination country

Q. Are the prices given fixed?

A. Air ambulance prices given are only tentative pricing. Actual price of the day will depend on various factors given above and the availibility of aircraft. The prices of the day are to be inquired by filling the "enquire now" form.

Q. How does the booking process work?

A. Once the air ambulance query is send to us our call center executives will get in touch with you to confirm the booking. They will also guide you on the process of payment, Visa processing and information on the time of arrival of air ambulance and any other regulatory requirements.

Q. Refund Policy?

A. 100% payment is done before confirmation of booking of the air ambulance. The booking is processed immediately after the payment is done. All charges are non-refundable. The no-refund policy shall apply at all times.

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