Ambulance (Mortuary Van)

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N 20000

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N 20000

  • Equipments :   Stretcher
  • Contact No. :   (0)8081111121
  • Location :   abuja
  • Year of Establishment :   2024
  • Time of Availability :   24/7

Ambulance (Mortuary Van)

A mortuary ambulance provides service to families or hospitals to transfer the deceased person’s body to morgue, cemetery or home.

What to do when you book a Mortuary Van

Below given are a few aspects of booking of a standby ambulance.

1. A mortuary van does not come with any life support equipment.

2. A mortuary van does not accompany any paramedics, except a driver.

3. A mortuary van does not come with any temperature control equipments.

4. A mortuary van is not a Hearse Van.

Ground ambulance FAQ’s

Q. Which type of ambulance to select?

A. You can book an ambulance based on your requirements with regards to patient transport. There are various kinds of ambulances with support basic life support (BLS), Advance Life support (ALS), Non-Critical Transportation, Mortuary Van. Please read carefully in description section of ambulance booking page before booking.

Q. Choice of hospital or drop off location?

A. User can choose any Hospital or drop off location within the city location as chosen during the booking process.

Q. Are Surjen ambulance crew qualified to attend a critical patient?

A. Our ambulance service partners provide licensed drivers and qualified attendants and paramedics like nurses and doctors.

Q. Does Surjen provide non-critical ambulance transportation?

A. Surjen suggests the use of ambulance, as hiring taxis or self-owned cars for transportation of injured or recovering patients are unhealthy practices and may aggravates injuries.

Q. How does Surjen ambulance rates are established?

A. Surjen ambulance rates are in-line with our partner's fare chart distribution. Ambulance service provider fees typically includes transportion and charges for attendants like paramedics or doctors within the city limits. A mileage fee is applicable out of city limits.

Q. How does the booking process work?

A. Once the ambulance is booked online and paid you should expect a call from our call center for confirmation on the location of pickup and drop. You will be given information on the time of arrival of ambulance, name of the driver and his phone number for easy coordination.

Q. Refund Policy?

A. Charges are processed immediately after the online booking process is over. All charges are non-refundable. The no-refund policy shall apply at all times.

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