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Published on Oct 08, 2021

Surjen Healthcare helps you discover and connect to the best hospitals, accredited medical laboratories, and specialist centres that provide top tier medical care to you in real time.

We are bridging the gap between you and your preferred medic while offering you access to healthcare providers as chosen on our website.

Surjen in partnership with top quality labs, hospitals, and emergency medical services provides home health services such as; doctor’s consultation, medical treatment, medical tests, emergency ambulance services, and Covid-19 testing and treatment for the purpose of making available a safe, comfortable, convenient and personalized healthcare.

When one of our valued home health services (doctor’s consultation at home) is booked, there are series of action plan that goes on. The doctor conducts a medical review by asking questions. The questions can cover symptoms, general well-being and any health concerns or medical history of the patient. A physical examination like check vitals will be done after the medical review followed by required medical test to better understand the patient’s medical condition and formulate a timeline for series of treatment as the case requires. The purpose of home health is to get the best possible medical care from home. With that in mind, during the consultation, there are some medical test recommended by the doctor that can be done from home. Surjen brings the big and best hospitals and laboratories (like, E-Clinics, DNA Labs, P-Seven, Cedar Crest hospitals, Sahel lab, Trust Charittos Hospitals, etc) that are far away closer to you. All these are possible as we leverage the use of a carefully structured digital platform alongside sample collection from your home to conduct such recommended test. We also ensure a good turn-around time as required per different test, and delivery of test results to you via various digital platforms.

Also, in response to Covid-19 management and treatment from home, Surjen in association with our NCDC accredited labs are more than equipped to conduct a Covid-19 RT-PCR test from home with results delivered to you in a record turn-around time.

To book a test from home, visit; call or send a WhatsApp message to, 080 8111 1121.