Doctor`s Consultation Effect

Published on Nov 19, 2021

The Doctor Consultation Effect

For some or many people, visiting a hospital is something they would rather not do as opposed to going to the market. How much more a doctor. A lot of reasons and decisions best known to the person involved is sufficient to make that stance. Some of the reasons could be busy schedules, long waiting lines in the hospitals, unavailability of doctors, traffic as well. Out of all these, imagine having to endure a long wait when your health has been compromised. That is an unpleasant experience. Take the imagination and combine with the busy schedule ahead and still thinking of the task you have to complete even if it is anywhere near remote or work from home.

Two scenarios can play out. Hold on a bit longer. I am not going to bore you with them:

Scenario 1:

You finally get to see a doctor in the hospital. You are angry because of how long you waited, tensed, anxious about what the doctor would finally say, and yet you haven’t discussed any of your symptoms. You are seated yet running, quiet for the first few seconds but your mind still loud. So many thoughts going on. There is also the scent you get when you visit a hospital. It messes with you and the doctor finally speak; “What can I do for you?”, “How do you feel today?” You stammer and utter some half-baked idea of what you might think is wrong. You do not properly explain your symptoms, you can’t ask the right questions. You are eager to do the needful, be gone, and hope the doctor understands a bit of what you said or better still fills in the gap for you.

Scenario 2:

You are at home, probably just came in after the long day or you work from home or it’s the weekend, as it is going to be a day after this article, will be published. You feel weak, exhausted and some signs you can’t explain or have had before begins to show up. At this point, you know there is a better way to handle this situation. You bring out your phone and dial a number requesting a home visit from a doctor. Here the dynamics change. You are in a familiar environment; you are also relaxed even though you do not feel too well. After discussing with the doctor, he or she does the diagnosis. What could go wrong if not hearing what you don’t want to hear? In this scenario, you are as relaxed and more open as possible as to telling the doctor what needs to be heard. Time and energy are saved, overthinking are reduced, and yet the quality of services you get is still premium.

Two scenarios with one choice to be made. There is the ball and there is your court. How you chose to serve is up to you.

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