Everything You Need To Know About Cataract Eye Surgery

Everything You Need To Know About Cataract Eye Surgery

Everything You Need To Know About Cataract Eye Surgery

Published on Jul 22, 2020

Cataract surgeryis needed when the eyes get into a situation where they slowly starting losing vision and then after some time it covers the whole eye and makes the entire scene blur. But before getting into cataract surgery first you should know about “what is a cataract?”

What is Cataracts?

A cataract is an eye disease that normally blurs the lens of the eyes and the vision decreases because of the cloudy scene. We see anything clearly without any distraction when the lens of the eyes focuses on the back of the retina part, then the image we see appears clearly. These lenses form cloudy images and make vision blur because of the cataract formation in the eyes. The formation of cataracts can be experienced in normal aging but it can develop very faster. Normally cataract affects both the eyes but it is not necessary, it can also affect only one eye. It is most common in the aged groups of people.

As I mentioned above Cataract makes lens cloudy that leads to vision loss and cannot be handled or corrected by applying glasses and contact lens.

Symptoms of Cataracts

When cataract hits your eye, it starts making your vision cloudy like when you put on your grandmother’s glasses or when you see outside from the dirty window of your car. It affects your eyes lesser in starting but after that, it goes rapidly by making changes heavily in your visuals.

At the starting phase, it develops slowly and doesn’t disturb your eyesight so much but with time it will start disturbing your vision.

If you get to know about your cataract, it can be deal with the eyeglasses but at some point in time, you have to go for the cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is the best and safe way to get your vision back.

These are the most common symptoms & signs that you have going through cataract-Cloudy, blurry, or low vision-

  • Constantly reduce of night vision
  • Getting problem from light & glare
  • Require high lighting for reading & other related work
  • Experience “halos” around light
  • Constant changes in the prescription of eyeglasses
  • Experience the fading of colors
  • Double visions in a single eye

At the starting phase, the cataract may only affect the tinny part of the eye lens; as a result, you will not be able to find its presence. As it grows, it will start making your vision cloudy and makes trouble in passing lights through the eye lens. Then you will feel the symptoms of cataract properly and need to see a doctor immediately before it’s too late.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Cataracts

Diagnosis and Treatment of Cataracts are important otherwise it may cause damage to internal organs also. First, visit to an eye test center and do cataract eye test if you feel any issue in your vision that comes under the symptoms of cataract like double vision, headache because of the pain in eyes, and any other from above just make an appointment and see your doctor immediately.

Cataract surgery procedure

To make your cloudy lens clear and your vision better, those cloudy lens is replaced with the artificial lens to reconstruct your vision. These lenses are called an intraocular lens. Cataract surgery does not take a long time to do or a hospital stay for several days.

 The cataract surgery proceeds with the use of a high-frequency ultrasound device adjusted by the specialist that helps in breaking the cloudy lens into tiny pieces and removed very carefully with other suction equipment. This process of removing the cloudy lens is called phacoemulsification that is done in the direction of eye specialists because it is a very sensitive and serious procedure.

The small incisions (a surgical cut in the skin) that are made in this surgery to remove the cataract heal very faster and reduce the risk of complications.

After the removal of the cloudy lens from the eyes, now doctors put intraocular lenses very carefully exact at the same place where the lens should be placed that is behind the iris and pupil. There are chances that the artificial lens can be placed in front of the iris and pupil but the chances are very less, it is very uncommon.

Cataract surgery recovery

Cataract surgery takes only around 15-20 minutes but extra time (around 80-90 minutes) is needed to make you prepare for the surgery that includes dilating your pupil, administering preoperative medication, brief before surgery, and directions for the after surgery care.

You should have to take care of the outings. The main thing that you should not do is driving because it can be risky for you and for the others who are on the road. Go for the regular checkup after the surgery and when your doctor confirms you are fit then you can drive on your own.

The doctor will prescribe medicines like eye-drops that might be used several times a day for few weeks decides by the doctor after the cataract surgery. They also suggest you keep the special sunglasses on always to protect the eyes from heavy light or sunlight. Sometimes the surgeons also suggests wearing a protective eye shield while sleeping.

You may experience redness or blur vision after the few days of surgery or in between the process of medication after the surgery.

The essential things you should avoid after the cataract surgery

  • Heavy lifting
  • Bending exercise
  • Water splash into your eyes, it can cause infection or damage to your eye
  • Activity that make your eyes fill with dust
  • Bath in shower

The doctor will suggest the most appropriate directions for keeping your eyes safe depend upon your surgery condition because all the persons don’t have the same eye structure, shape, and healing power. If you have cataracts in both the eyes then most eye surgeons suggest taking a gap between the surgeries of around one to three weeks.

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