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Published on Nov 05, 2021

As part of any life form, evolution is a necessity that happens to either adjust to its harsh environment or become suited at doing certain tasks as the need might arise. Likewise, in the healthcare sector, its delivery has evolved over the years to suit the dense population while continually providing professional medical services.

What is Home Healthcare?

According to Medicare, home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for an illness or injury. Going further, we are not to confuse home health care with home care as home care is non-medical and it’s mostly given to elderly people. In-home health care, a licensed medical practitioner oversees or provides the services.

We have seen healthcare move from traditional to digital platforms. There is an element of healthcare that is embedded in both the traditional and digital platforms; “Home Healthcare.” In the past and for the mentioned element, there were some characteristics it possessed. Characteristics like;

  • Mostly the upper class in society could afford it
  • Sometimes, it came to the middle class if there was a case of a highly contagious disease
  • It was not borne out of necessity
  • Lack of technology made it quite cumbersome to deliver even for the rich

In the present, due to the digital revolution ongoing, home healthcare is now being radicalized for the greater good of serving almost everyone. Thanks to the Information Age, it is sometimes less expensive depending on the type of services opted in for, a wide range of medical services from treatment to therapy is offered.

Advantages of Home Health Care.

The health care sector is heavily regulated. This is because the lives of patients are in play and any mistake can result in any permanent damage that stays with the patient for a long time or in worst-case scenarios, for life. Hence, it is important that any form of healthcare delivery needs to have benefits that have gone through professional and scrutiny and have passed the test. These benefits of home health care are:

•             Comfort and convenience: Environment can aid in quickening or slowing down recovery for a patient. The familiar environment most times aids in quicker recovery. At home, everything is at your disposal without thinking of the cost incurred while using it or the thought of it being used by someone else. The idea of being admitted can be so overwhelming for some, but being where that is familiar creates a sense of normalcy that can aid in proper recovery.

•             Cost-effective: Apart from treatment cost (drugs, test, treatment) there is a certain incurred while being admitted to the hospital; admission cost. Depending on the ward you are in and the amenities provided, the cost relatively varies from cheap to expensive. With home health, you do not need to worry about having a bed to lie on, what to eat, laundry for your clothes during treatment.

•             Personalized treatment: The licensed medical practitioner, has one job at the moment. That is to provide you with the necessary treatment or therapy you need. He or she is taking care of you and no one else at the time. For this reason, a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs can be planned and executed.

•             Visitation: Visiting hours are of little or no effect except when the patient needs time to rest. Family and friends can at any time convenient to the patient see or visit. This will tackle the feeling of being alone.

•             Wide range of medical services: You would think that there are not so much medical services home health can provide. That is not quite true. A wide array of services are provided. Multiple services can occur at the same time in the same location. For certain services, you do not need to change medical facilities to gain access. That said, medical services such as;

  1. doctor’s consultation (family or specialist)
  2. nursing care
  3. therapy
  4. laboratory test
  5. medicine delivery
  6. Ambulance
  7. second opinion
  8. consumables and oxygen delivery, etc.,

can be offered at home. In as much as home care is different from home health care, home care is a service contained in-home health care.

If you need to book any of the home health services or make inquiries, visit send a WhatsApp message or call; 0808 1111 1121.

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