Symptoms of Pregnancy.

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Published on Jan 19, 2022

Is it possible for a woman to know if she is pregnant with early symptoms visible? The answer is no. Do all women experience the same symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy? No, they don’t.

Both questions as answered above will guide the outcome of the article.

For comparison: Just like any symptoms particular to a disease that might show up in the body, the next thing you will want to do to confirm the type of illness is run a test. The test is done because some symptoms can be particular to more two or more diseases and you need to be certain. Some would know about symptoms (symptoms in early pregnancy can be similar to that of during menstruation) to look out for that will prompt them to run a test while some might not know.

The best way to find out if you are pregnant is with a pregnancy test. There are still certain signs you can watch out for


Changes in the body: The breast, and vagina are usually the affected in this category. For some women, the belly begins to grow. In the early stages, there is an influx of progesterone, estrogen, fatty tissues, and blood flow to the breast. The breast begins to expand. These effects will result in the veins around the breast being more pronounced. The nipples will begin to take shape and stand out way better than they did before pregnancy. There are other signs like stretch marks, leaking breasts, and it getting heavier that will occur, but these are signs that are more noticeable as the pregnancy progresses. The vagina will notice some changes like it getting thicker and less reactive. At this time, you might begin to notice a thin and white discharge.


Absence of Abnormal Period: This happens to be one of the major indicators of pregnancy. During this, you begin to experience little blood flow or none at all. If you experience blood flow, consult with a doctor about the bleeding and what you should expect.


Nausea: It is popularly known as morning sickness. This occurs at any point in time but mostly in the morning. Nausea is an urge to vomit. For a pregnant woman, the urges are felt more often. Also, certain foods and sights that will not irritate her before will do thereby creating that urge to vomit. This is not common with all pregnant women.


Tiredness: You could imagine a body at rest yet getting a lot of work done. The abundant presence of progesterone is also responsible for exhaustion. You will get tired easily. It is normal. It is advisable to speak with a doctor if you notice progressive exhaustion.


Vomiting: It will go beyond the urges of nausea in some cases. If you notice signs of repeated vomiting at certain times, it could be a sign of pregnancy. Both pregnancy and nausea are seen as morning sickness.


Body pains: Headaches and back pain will be felt during the early stages.


Emotional swings: Due to active and increased hormones, a lot of mood swings will be present. You might also feel unease.


A pregnant woman will not display all symptoms. When in doubt about the symptoms or how you feel, you can consult with our doctor.


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