What is Bariatric Surgery? Bariatric Surgery Treatments & Awareness

What is Bariatric Surgery? Bariatric Surgery Treatments & Awareness

What is Bariatric Surgery? Bariatric Surgery Treatments & Awareness

Published on Aug 25, 2020

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery or Gastric Bypass Surgery is performed on the people who are obese that sometimes causes life-threatening situations. Body mass index is a graph that tells you are underweight or overweight according to the height & age. When a body crosses the limit of weight mentioned in the BMI index according to their height & age comes under obesity. Obesity is the disorder that involves excessive fat on the body that sometimes leads to health problems.

Reducing weight by exercising, dieting, and plenty of running but it will take lots of time, dedication, and hard work to maintain all these things. Sometimes people get into a situation where they cannot afford dieting and exercise because obesity makes them weaker and if they will not eat proper food on time then the situation can get worse.

Weight loss surgery Myths

Many people think they can cut out the fat by going through bariatric surgery.  But that’s not the truth, in the surgery doctors will work on the obesity that affects the fat and reduces it in a longer period. Obesity is the main reason for a heavyweight. Weight loss surgery in Nigeria improves obesity that causes life-threatening situations.

Some people think doctors cut down the fat from the skin to reduce the weight but that’s not true. Bariatric surgery is done by laparoscopy and doesn’t involve the removal of fat. After the surgery weight decreases around 4 to 5 kg every month and after around 2 years it stables at a constant weight. Now let’s talk about the myths people have in their mind about the bariatric surgery.

Myth 1: Bariatric surgery is very dangerous

Every surgery has the risk factor whether it’s bariatric or any other that’s why in hospitals they take your permission with signatures before going to start the surgery. With advanced equipment and the latest machinery, the risk factor is reduced. According to the studies bariatric surgery has the risk as same as a routine gall bladder surgery.

Bariatric surgery commits to sustained weight loss and improves overall health. Most of the patients who have gone through bariatric surgery get positive results and this surgery helps them to through the health problems out of the body.

Myth 2: Surgery is not necessary; you can do it with the dieting & exercise

Dieting and exercise are good whether you are obese or not, it keeps you fit for the whole life. Sometimes because of extremely obesity many people don’t get into a diet and exercise time table. If it’s become possible for anyone, it will take lots of time and dedication. Many people start this process but end up early and didn’t get the results.

Bariatric surgery allows you to reduce weight and helps you to make a healthy diet and exercise chart as you are come up with the health problems and you have got the dedication to make you fit for the rest of the life.

Myth 3: people gain weight back

A person can easily lose 50 to 100 pounds in the first year after bariatric surgery. According to the studies, it is shown clearly that after the 10 years of this procedure mostly patients have kept the weight off as compared to the people who lose weight without the surgery. Bariatric surgery is a great option for a long time run.

Myth 4: You can’t get pregnant after bariatric surgery

After a successful bariatric surgery, doctors suggest not to become pregnant in the first two years. The reason is clear because bariatric surgery is done to reduce weight and in pregnancy, there is an increment in weight so this could be dangerous. It’s a very important thing that everyone should know weight loss leads to higher fertility rates and higher testosterone level.

Myth 5: This surgery leads to Alcoholism

First thing is that alcohol is injurious to health, a doctor never advises to consume alcohol to any patient whether it’s bariatric surgery or any other surgery.

Now the second thing, many people have a mindset that bariatric surgery leads to alcoholism. That’s not true; it is a simple attraction towards alcohol. If anyone wants to consume, he/she can easily find an excuse to drink alcohol.

Myth 6: Bariatric surgery leaves marks on body

There was a time when surgeries leave marks or scars on the skin that looks weird. But now with the latest technology and advanced equipment, the things get improved. Most of the surgeries that have been done for weight loss are performed by the “pin hole surgery” known as laparoscopic surgery.

Pin hole surgery doesn’t leave any dark scars, the open surgery leaves darker scars on the skin. Laparoscopic surgery has a quicker recovery time, less pain, and less blood loss as compared to other surgeries.

Bariatric Surgery Procedures

Bariatric surgery involves changes in your digestive system to help you in losing weight. Laparoscopic surgery advised when dieting & exercise didn’t do any performance. Sometimes health situation gets worse because of heavyweight and surgery becomes important.

There are two main components in this procedure.

In the first one, a small stomach part is created by cutting a small part of the stomach from the rest of the stomach. Then a small portion of the small intestine is divided from the rest of the small intestine and connected to the newly created small stomach. These are connected so that stomach acids and digestive enzymes from the bypassed stomach and first portion of the small intestine will easily mix with the food. This procedure is called gastric bypass surgery.

Advantages of Bariatric Surgery

  • Bariatric surgery produces outstanding long-term weight loss
  • Finishes the risk of life threatening health problems
  • Restricts on the type and amount of food that should not be consumed
  • You will get relief from depression

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