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Skipper Eye-Q Hospital (Lagos & Abuja)

Skipper Eye-Q hospital is an internationally acclaimed standard eye hospital that focuses on eye surgeries and related treatments. The Eye-Q group are highly specialized hospitals housing professionals in opthamology and related fields. With up to 37 hospitals spread across India and two (2) in Nigeria. You are guaranteed a world class treatment as you would receive outside Nigeria so when you visit the hospital you are definitely looking forward to receiving the best eye treatment in Nigeria. Skipper Eye-Q Hospital is also considered to be the best eye hospital in Lagos and Abuja. 


Their specialty includes the following areas;

Cataract Surgery

Retina surgery

Glaucoma surgery

Presbyopia surgery

Cornea surgery

Refractive error correction

Squinting problems

Cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is done in skippers Eye-Q hospital by a highly skilled Doctor (Opthalmologist) to replace the natural lenses of your eyes with a new one due to a cloudy vision you may be experiencing known as cataracts. The new lens will afford you a better and clearer vision that will not be cloudy and uncomfortable as you previously experienced. It is a very safe and carefully performed procedure that will afford you a pristine clear vision afterwards.

Retina Surgery

If you have ever pondered on why is retina surgery done, retina surgery is a very important and emergency surgery to restore a detached retina back in position as a detached retina is highly dangerous.

Glaucoma surgery

Glaucoma surgery is performed in skipper eye-q hospital to help reduce pressure in your eyes and give you a very stable vision. Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery performed and the hospital will give you better chances at retaining the shape and structure of your eyes and quicker recovery time.

Presbyopia correction treatment

Presbyopia surgery is done in the hospital  to restore your eye’s ability to focus on object that are close. This is usually done by corrective lenses or surgery after depending on the outcome of your diagnosis with the Doctor.

Cornea surgery

Cornea surgery is performed due to a  number of reasons such as infection in the eye. Keratoplasty will be done to replace the entire cornea while lamella keratoplasty cornea grafting is done to replace only a part of the cornea. Skipper Eye-Q hospital is the only cornea transplant centre in Nigeria.

Squint Errors

Squint error physically appears as a condition where both eyes do not coordinate or align properly. There are several options for squint correction available in Skippers Eye-Q Centre.

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  • Ophthalmologist: Cataract Surgery
  • Ophthalmologist: Laser Eye Surgery
  • Ophthalmologist: Glaucoma Surgery
  • Ophthalmologist: Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Ophthalmologist: Trauma Care
  • Ophthalmologist: Neuro Ophthalmology
  • Ophthalmologist: Canaloplasty
  • Ophthalmologist: Refractive Surgery
  • Ophthalmologist: Corneal Surgery
  • Ophthalmologist: Vitreoretinal Surgery
  • Ophthalmologist: Eye Muscle Surgery
  • Ophthalmologist: Oculoplastic Surgery
  • Ophthalmologist: Eyelid Surgery
  • Ophthalmologist: Orbital Surgery
  • Ophthalmologist: Other Oculoplastic Surgery

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