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Fetal Sex Determination Test

Fetal Sex Determination Test
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Fetal Sex Determination Test Fetal Sex Determination Test

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Fetal sex determination, i.e. finding out if the baby is a boy or girl, is comparatively an easy procedure. Knowing the sex of the fetus does not tell you if it is affected by hemophilia, but it does offer helpful information.

If the fetus is male, CVS or amniocentesis can be advised to parents who desire to know if he is affected with hemophilia. If a carrier decides not to have CVS or amniocentesis, or if these examinations are not available, doctors have to plan labour and delivery to reduce the chance of bleeding in a male fetus.

If the fetus is female, prenatal diagnosis is not compulsory due to the fact that even if the female child is a carrier, there is very small risk of bleeding for the baby throughout labour and delivery.

The sex of the fetus is determined in two ways:

 * Fetal sex typing from maternal plasma: A blood sample is collected from the mother as early as eight weeks of pregnancy. The sex can be determined from the fetus genetic material, which is seen in the mother’s blood. This process can be carried out in the first trimester of pregnancy but is only obtainable in specialist units.

**Ultrasound scan: The sex of a fetus can be correctly determined by ultrasound from 15 weeks of pregnancy. At this gestational age, amniocentesis is the ideal option to determine if a male fetus is affected with hemophilia.


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