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Tumor Marker Test (CA 72-4 -GIT)

Tumor Marker Test (CA 72-4 -GIT)
N 12400
Tumor Marker Test (CA 72-4 -GIT) Tumor Marker Test (CA 72-4 -GIT)

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You will provide

Blood Sample and Saliva

This test is for both

Male, Female

Test Preparation

No specified preparation needed



What is CA 72-4 (GI Cancer Test)

The CA72-4 GI test is performed to measure the level of CA72-4 in the blood. It is known also as GI Cancer CA 72-4 Monoclonal Antibody Blood and GI Cancer Antigen 72-4.

Blood sample is used for the test. It is used for the analysis of Gastrointestinal Cancer. The values given shows the extent of the tumor or cancer in the gastro area. In the case when you don’t have any sickness yet struggling from gastro trouble, this test is generally recommended.

Uses of Ca 72-4 (GI Cancer) Test

As mentioned above, the CA 72-4 testis used to measure the levels of CA 72-4in blood. The test is regarded as low or normal when the level of CA72-4 lies in between 0-7 U/ml. The cancer presence may also be seen if the value of CA72-4 is above 7U/ml. In such cases, you need to consult your doctor for further instruction on the treatment.

Procedure for Ca 72-4 (GI Cancer) Test

CA 72 -4 test is done using Monoclonal Antibody approach on the blood sample. A blood sample of at least 5mL is required for this test. At first, your skin is cleaned using alcohol based antiseptic. An elastic band is wrapped above the elbow so that the veins can be seen without difficulty. The needle is injected into the skin close to your elbow and blood is collected in the tube. The needle is removed from the skin and the blood sample with your title is sent to the laboratory for analysis.


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