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Tumour Marker Test (Bence Jones Protein -Urine)

Tumour Marker Test (Bence Jones Protein -Urine)
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Tumour Marker Test (Bence Jones Protein -Urine) Tumour Marker Test (Bence Jones Protein -Urine)

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What is Bence Jones protein (BJP) test? 

The Bence Jones protein (BJP) test measures the stage of BJP in your urine. These proteins are not seen in healthy urine samples and are typically an indication of a multiple myeloma.

Your bone marrow is located in the core of your larger bones. Multiple myeloma is a situation where your bone marrow makes a lot of white blood cell.

What is the significance of Bence Jones protein test?

Individuals who have multiple myeloma can go without signs for many years. Once signs do appear, they may appear to point out different conditions. Therefore, tests such as the BJP test are fundamental to diagnose multiple myeloma.

Symptoms of multiple myeloma

Symptoms of multiple myeloma are caused by the excessive growth of white blood cells. Myeloma cells destroy bones from the inside out. This means your bone could break. If you break a bone while performing a day-to-day task, your doctor may suspect multiple myeloma.

Other Signs Include:

Kidney issues (caused by antibody buildup)

Anemia, which brings about fatigue or weakness

Swollen or fragile legs

Pain in the ribs or back

Compressed spinal cord or nerves (due to bone fractures) 

Extreme thirst


Frequent urination or constipation (from when bones break down and abandon to Much calcium in the blood)


Recurring infections

Too much bleeding, even from trivial injuries

Bence Jones Test Procedure:

Clean Catch Procedure

The BJP test is a urine test. The urine should be gathered using what’s referred to as a clean catch.

Instructions for carrying out a clean catch are listed below:

Clean the area round your urethra with the wipe your doctor gives to you.

Begin to urinate into the toilet.

Move the cup into your urine stream.

Gather 1 to 2 ounces of urine.

Take the cup away and finish up urinating into the toilet.

Close the cup and take it back to the lab.

If you’re taking a urine sample from a child, you’ll require a urine collection bag. This plastic bag

is positioned over the labia or around the penis. Adhesive puts it in place.

24-hour collection

Your doctor may ask for a 24-hour test due to the fact levels of a variety of substances in your body change all through the period of a whole day. By collecting urine over 24 hours, the measured substances can be averaged from the whole day. This helps your health care provider assess them more precisely than they may from a single, random sample.


This test takes one to two weeks to get your results, depending on the lab. Bence Jones proteins are not usually seen in urine, therefore, a positive test shows that you may have multiple myeloma. Other types of cancer may also be related with a positive result.

An abnormal test may point out other kinds of cancer including lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and macroglobulinemia. Macroglobulinemia is a kind of white blood cell cancer.

In some occasions, an abnormal result might also not point out cancers at all. Amyloidosis is a situation that causes amyloid deposits, which are abnormal buildups of proteins in organs and tissues. Amyloidosis is uncommon, but it’s similar to multiple myeloma. It can have risky long-term effects, which include kidney failure, heart muscle damage, and nerve damage.

Monoclonal gammopathy of uncertain significance (MGUS)is another prevalent cause of an abnormal BJP test result. In this condition, an abnormal protein is produced by white blood cells which is found in the blood. While MGUS is not risky on its own, its development can lead to different conditions, consisting of blood cancers.

Diagnosing your condition

Due to the fact that an abnormal test result can also point out different conditions, your medical doctor will possibly order for various tests prior to diagnosing you with multiple myeloma. More testing can also assist your medical doctor verify the severity of the myeloma.

Your medical doctor will order a biopsy of the bone marrow or bone tissue. Major aspects of the diagnostic standards for multiple myeloma include:

Presence of myeloma cells
Having 30 percentage plasma cells in the bone marrow sample

Other tests your medical doctor might also order prior to diagnosis include:

Urinalysis, which can assess kidney function

X-Rays, MRIs, or CT scans, which can assist examine changes in bone structure whilst revealing any potential tumors or bone lesions

Blood tests, such as a serum protein electrophoresis test, which can assist your doctor verify how much the disease has advanced.


Disclaimer: The information provided herein is for patient general knowledge only and should not be used during any medical emergency, for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Duplication for personal and commercial use must be authorized in writing by

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