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Vitamin B12 Test

Vitamin B12 Test
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Vitamin B12 Test Vitamin B12 Test

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You will provide
Blood Sample

This test is for both
Male, Female

Test Preparation
You should not take or drink anything other than water for 8-12 hours prior to the test.



What is Vitamin B12 Test?

Vitamin B12 is a micronutrient which means we need it in very small quantity. Vitamin B12 test measures the degrees of Vitamin B12 in blood. It performs an essential function in the formation of healthy red blood cells easy functioning of the brain, and metabolism (processing) of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the food.

Why is Vitamin B12 performed?

To diagnose anemia

To diagnose neuropathy (numbness and ache due to nerve damage)

To consider dietary status

To observe the treatment for Vitamin B12

What does Vit B12 Measure?

Vitamin B12 is together with B complex of vitamins. Vitamin B12 is known as Cobalamin. It is a water soluble vitamin. Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in formation of normal red blood cells, fix tissues, DNA synthesis and genetic material in cells.  It has to be taken in food as It is not produced in the body. The diet sources cover red meat, fish, milk, poultry, yoghurt, eggs, fortified cereals, breads and different grain products. It can as well be taken in the form of Vitamin B12 pills or multivitamin pills. The deficiency of Vitamin B12 causes macrocytic anemia (size of red blood cells bigger than normal).

Megaloblastic anemia is a type of macrocytic anemia, in which big red blood cells known as macrocytes are produced. These red blood cells are not much in number. There is a reduction in white blood cell count and platelet count. Megaloblastic anemia happens due to acquired deficiency of Vitamin B12. The cause can be an insufficient dietary consumption of Vitamin B12 or any problem in the absorption of Vitamin B12 from the intestines.

In case of complications in the absorption of Vitamin B12 from intestines, it is regarded as Pernicious anemia. It takes place due to lack of intrinsic factor which is in existence in secretions of the stomach.

Vitamin B12 is as well vital for nerve health and is consumed as a nutritional supplement for the remedy of nerve damage.

Vitamin B12 binds with inherent feature (protein secreted by way of cells in the stomach). After binding, a compound is created which is absorbed with the aid of the small intestine.  Any disorder interfering in this process can cause weakening of absorption of Vitamin B12. 


The normal range is 211 - 911 pg/mL irrespective of gender and age.

High ranges of Vitamin B12 can also be observed in:


Liver disease

Kidney failure

Low ranges of Vitamin B12 may be observed in:


Worm infection

Hyperthyroidism (high degrees of thyroid)


 Q. How is this test carried out?

This test is carried out on a blood sample. A syringe with the most excellent needle is used to withdraw blood from a blood vessel in your arm. The healthcare provider will tie an elastic band around your arm to make the blood vessels swell with blood. This makes it easier to withdraw blood. You can also be requested to tight your clenched fist. Once the veins arereally visible, the place is cleaned with an antiseptic solution and then the needle is inserted into the blood vessel to gather the sample. You will experience a tiny pinprick all through the procedure. Blood sample once drawn will then be taken to the laboratory.

Q. Is there any danger related with this test?

There is no danger related with the test. However, because this test involves a needle prick to withdraw the blood sample, in very uncommon cases, a patient may have some bleeding, hematoma formation (blood gathering beneath the skin), bruising or infection at the place where the needle pricked.

Q. What are the symptoms and signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency?

The signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency consist of delirium (confusional states), paranoia (an unrealistic mistrust of others), muscle weakness, dizziness, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and pale skin. Some may as well fill rapid heart rate, irregular coronary heart beat, shortness of breath, painful tongue and mouth, tingling or numbness or burning sensation in feet, hands, arms, and legs.

Q. What are the dangers related with deficiency of Vitamin B12?

If deficiency of Vitamin B12 is not treated only, it can lead to loss of memory, confusion states, paranoia (mental condition in which individual loses contact with reality) mainly in aged patients.

Q. In what situation can there be malabsorption of Vitamin B12 test?

Conditions like pernicious anemia (decrease in red blood cells as a result deficiency of Vitamin B12), celiac disease (immune response to gluten), inflammatory bowel diseases (inflammation of digestive tract), and gastric bypass (surgery that gets rid of section of the stomach) can cause malabsorption of nutrition B12 test. However, other situations can also motivate malabsorption such as overgrowth of micro organism or presence of parasites such as tapeworms in the intestines, decreased belly acid production (due to long-term use of antacids), and insufficiency of pancreas (inability to digest meals properly).

Q.  Could there be any drug that can cause deficiency of Vitamin B12?

Yes, some medicines such as metformin, omeprazole, methotrexate or phenytoin can cause deficiency of Vitamin B12.

Q. Could there be any other factors which cause deficiency of Vitamin B12?

Yes, factors such as drinking heavy alcohol or chronic smoking, (from a long time) alcoholism, pregnancy can cause deficiency of Vitamin B12.


Disclaimer: The information provided herein is for patient general knowledge only and should not be used during any medical emergency, for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Duplication for personal and commercial use must be authorized in writing by

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