Bladder Neck Incision Surgery

Bladder Neck Incision Surgery

Bladder Neck Incision Surgery
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The bladder neck is a group of muscles that join the bladder to the urethra. The muscles tighten to keep urine in the bladder, and loosen up to discharge it through the urethra. Urinary trouble happens when abnormalities block the bladder neck and stop it from opening fully during urination.

What leads to prostate trouble?

Your prostate gland is an organ that lies underneath your bladder and encircles your urethra (tube that takes urine and semen to the tip of your penis). Prostate hassle is prompted by the increase of your prostate gland.

It is typical for your prostate gland to get bigger with age. If the gland tightens round your urethra, it can break up the flow of urine from your bladder.

What are the advantages of surgery?

Surgery will afford you a better flow of urine and enhanced bladder emptying, and not require to urinate as frequently at night.

Are there any options to surgery?

For a lot of people operation is not necessary. There are medicines accessible to deal with the situation however this is not often a everlasting solution.

What does the operation entail?

The operation is carried out under a general or spinal anesthesia. The operation generally takes much less than an hour.

Your doctor will position a resectoscope (a small operating telescope) into your urethra. They will make small cuts in the neck of your bladder the place the prostate is stopping the flow of urine. This will open the neck of your bladder to relieve the pressure and enhance the flow.

What problems can happen?

Some of these can be serious and can even lead to death.

General problems of any operation




Blood clot in your leg

Blood clot in your lung

Specific problems of this operation

Problems having an erection

Difficulty passing urine

Having to pass urine frequently


Reduction in fertility

Narrowing of your urethra

How fast will I recover?

You may want to go home the next day following.

You will experience a stinging pain the first few times you pass urine.

Do not do strenuous workout throughout this time. After two weeks, increase your activity level gradually. You ought to be in a position to return to work after two to three weeks, base on your kind of work.

Regular exercising will help you to return to regular works very fast. Before you begin exercising, ask your health care provider for advice.

A lot of men make an excellent recovery, with a great improvement in their symptoms.


Prostate hassle is common. If your medication does not work or your symptoms are severe, a bladder-neck incision should be the best relieve your symptoms.

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