Medical Oxygen Cylinders 2cm3 by 13.7kg

N 100000/- N 75000/

5 / 5 Ratings

Hospital Equipments :

Medical Oxygen Cylinders


Medical Oxygen Cylinders are equipments used to help patients that have difficulty in breathing

Medical oxygen is high purity oxygen that is used for medical treatments and is developed for use in the human body. Medical oxygen cylinders contain a high purity of oxygen gas; no other types of gases are allowed in the cylinder to prevent contamination.

There are additional requirements and rules for medical oxygen, including requiring a person to have a prescription to order medical oxygen.


·      A complete oxygen medical kit that is plug and play

·      Refillable and reusable

·      Simple to operate valve and regulator

·      Size 13.7Ltr

·      Comes with Cylinder, Regulator, Nasal Canula and an adjustable wrench



·     N 25,000 only

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