Bladder Correction Surgery | Bladder neck incision

Bladder Correction Surgery (Bladder neck incision)

The bladder can best be defined as the organ which holds urine in the body. Certain conditions can cause bladder malformation and incontigency (inability to control urine flow). A common type of bladder malformation which is predominant in Men is a problem passing urine or decreased urine flow due to the narrowing of the tube responsible for urine flow known as the "Bladder stricture" or "stenosis". The benefits of the surgery is that you to experience a better flow of urine and bladder emptying.

What is Bladder Stricture?

The bladder neck is a group of muscles that join the bladder to the urethra. The muscles tighten to keep urine in the bladder, and loosen up to discharge it through the urethra. Bladder Stricture occurs when abnormalities block the bladder neck and stop it from opening fully during urination hence obstructing and affecting the free and easy passage of urine. Even though  bladder neck obstruction/stricture hardly occurs in women, it may happen when the bladder drops into the vagina due to a weakened vaginal wall. 

What are the Causes of Bladder Neck Striction (Stenosis)

Some of the causes of bladder neck striction includes;

1. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) i.e gonorrhea

2. Prostate related issues (prostrate cancer or benign prostrate hyperplasia)

3. Long time usage of Catheter

4. Surgical scars and aftermath of radiation therapy for prostate cancer treatment

5. Physical injuries

Diagnosis of Bladder neck stricture

If you experience any of the symptoms we have highlighted please book to see a Doctor. After you have conversed with the Doctor and reported your symptoms , a physical examination may be performed to check for irregularities. Also Video Urodynamics, Cystoscopy, urethral ultrasound can be used to diagnose if you have a bladder stricture. Call +2348081111121 to book for a Urethral ultrasound. 

Symptoms of Bladder neck stricture

  • 1. Inability to hold urine (urinary incontigency)
  • 2. Increased desire to urinate
  • 3. Inability to completely empty the bladder leading to a frequent urge to urinate
  • 4. Pains in the pelvic region
  • 5. Pains when passing urine

  • Bladder Stricture Treatment in Nigeria

  • There are three major means to rectify a bladder stricture and they include; bladder incision, bladder dilation and bladder resection. Our focal point for now is the "bladder incission".
  • A bladder neck incision (B.N.I.) also known as a urethrotomy is the surgery done to correct bladder neck stenosis or stricture (urine flow problems). The surgery is mostly performed in Men as they are affected by this condition. 

How to Prevent Bladder Stricture

1. Adopting various lifestyle modifications like diet changes can help to prevent the occurence and possible re-occurence of bladder obstruction. Examples of such foods are meals reach in pro-biotics such as yoghurt that help to prevent maintain a healthy gut and ultimately also prevent infection in the urethra.

2. Regular exercises

3. Avoid physical activities that may lead to injury to the urethra and pelvis

4. Avoiding unprotected sex to prevent sexually transmitted diseases

5. Practice good hygiene during your catheterization period

Bladder neck incision Cost in Nigeria

Bladder neck incision surgery costs depends upon various factors like;

1. Location of the patient

2. Age and gender of the patient

3. Choice Hospital

4. Experience of Surgeon

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Bladder neck incision recovery time

The total recovery time for bladder neck incision is usually less than a week.

2. What is a bladder neck incision?

A bladder neck incision is the surgery done to correct urine flow problems

3. Why do they cut the neck of your bladder?

 This is done to aid urine the free flow of urine and to reduce urinary constrictions

4. How is urinary incision surgery performed?

The operation is done under general anaesthetic. The operation usually takes less than an hour to complete. An incision is made in the neck of your bladder to open the neck of your bladder to relieve the pressure and improve the flow of urine.

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