Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Surgery?

A root canal is a dental procedure that has to do the removal of the soft center of the tooth known as the pulp. The pulp is consist of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels that assist the tooth to grow.

In a lot of cases, a general dentist or endodontist will carry out a root canal while you’re under local anesthesia.

What are the causes of Root Canal?

when dental X-rays reveal that a bacterial infection has harmed the pulp.
If the pulp has a bacterial infection, the inflammation may cause the germs to grow and spread.

A root canal is when dental X-rays reveal that a bacterial infection has harmed the pulp.

If the pulp has a bacterial infection, the inflammation may cause the germs to grow and spread.

The crown of the tooth — the place you can see above your gums — can remain intact even if the pulp is dead. Removing injured or infected pulp is the best option if you want to to preserve the structure of the tooth.

Diagnosis for Root Canal

Call your healthcare practitioner right away if you experience any root canal symptoms, such as tooth pain, swelling, foul taste, or other warning indications.
An infected tooth has a better chance of being saved if it is treated quickly.
A routine dental test also significantly lower the risk of infection.
Your healthcare professional can identify issues during these visits early on, before they get worse. click here to book a Root canal surgery and  Routine dental tests.

What are the symptoms of Root Canal?

These symptoms that may be seen are:
  • Persistent tooth sensitivity, particularly to heat or cold
  • Acute discomfort during eating or biting
  • Your gums are inflamed.
  • Teeth with cracks or chips
  • Uncomfortable or swollen gums
  • Darkened gums or severe rotting

Root Canal Treatment in Nigeria

Endodontics is the term used to describe the RCT dentist who specializes on root canal treatment.
The following are some of the steps in an RCT:
Your dentist would first recommend that you take an x-ray after clerking. He would use anesthetic to numb the area around the bone if an X-ray reveals an infection there in order to make you feel more at ease.
Then, to help control your saliva during the procedure, he would employ a rubber dam.

How to Prevent Root Canal?

  • Each day, brush twice. 
  • Avoid chewy foods like lollipops and hard candies.
  • Retrench from the ice! 
  • At night, wear a mouth guard. 
  • When playing sports, wear a mouth guard.
  • Steer clear of acidic foods and beverages like soda and citrus juices. 
  • Have routine cleanings and exams for your teeth. 

What is the cost of root canal  surgery in Nigeria?

Root canal surgery cost depends on a variety of factors such as;

1.  Condition of the patient

2.  Location of the hospital

3.  Duration of stay at the hospital

4.  After care packages

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How long is recovery from root canal? Root canal recuperation often takes less than a week. A few days of minor discomfort is possible, although this can be treated with medicine. 

Is it painful to get a root canal?  A root canal isn't more unpleasant than a routine dental operation like getting a filling or having a wisdom tooth extracted because patients are given anesthetic. 

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