Vesicostomy in Nigeria

Vesicostomy in Nigeria


What is a Vesicostomy?

A vesicostomy is an operation where the doctor makes an opening from the bladder to the abdomen just under the belly button. The opening lets the urine drain out of the bladder. A vesicostomy is usually done for babies and very young children as a temporary measure to drain urine from the bladder to protect the kidneys.

The urine typically just drains into the child’s diaper after a vesicostomy, instead of being collected in a bag or sac.

Why Would a Child Need a Vesicostomy?

A vesicostomy is normally required to continuously empty the bladder. One cause of this is spina bifida. Another possible cause is a spinal cord injury. When a person cannot empty their bladder, pressure builds up and the urine can return back to the kidneys, thereby damaging them.

How is a Vesicostomy Done? What is the Process of Vesicostomy

A small part of the bladder is cut and then stitched to the abdominal wall. The procedure normally takes 1 to 2 hours. Many children can go home several hours later, but in certain cases, the child may need to spend the night for monitoring.

Most children experience only a small amount of pain afterward. Your doctor will let you know what pain relief options are best for your child. They can resume normal activities within a week.

What is the cost of Vesicostomy surgery in Nigeria

Vesicostomy surgery costs depend on various factors like;

1. Age of the patient and other medical conditions

2. Location and choice of the Hospital

3. Experience of Surgeon


Are there Complications after Vesicostomy

Most children usually do very well once the opening is in place. Some may need additional diaper rash ointment if the skin is irritated by urine. Some children may require a larger diaper to be sure the opening is properly covered and their clothes do not get wet.

A small part of the bladder may come out through the opening during a bowel movement. If the bladder does not go back in after the bowel movement, it can be pushed back in gently. If doesn’t go back in, inform the doctor right away.

Most patients’ incisions heal well after the doctor closes the vesicostomy. If the opening starts to close up through natural healing before it is intended to, it may need to be opened up again. To stop the vesicostomy from closing early, the parents may need to place a catheter into the vesicostomy once or twice each day.


FAQs on Vesicostomy

How much time does Vesicostomy surgery takes?

The surgery takes about one hour. The Child is then shifted to recovery room where they can spend one or two hours. A child may usually stay in hospital for two or three days after surgery for observation and full recovery.


Is Vesicostomy surgery painful ?

The doctor will normally prescribe pain relieving medication through IV line. As the child recovers, they may be given oral medication to manage the pain. Once the child is ready to leave the hospital, they may not require any medication for pain.


Is vesicostomy permanent?

Vesicostomy is a temporary bladder drainage solution to reduce the damage to kidney. It is used until the real underlying problem is solved.


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