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Dr. Suhas Kamdi

Dr. Suhas Kamdi

Not Available

Suhas Kamdi 13 years experience

Orthopedic Surgeon


N 6000

Orthopedic excellence

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About Dr. Suhas Kamdi

Ex.Chief Spine & Joint Surgeon Abuja, Africa-2016, Ex.Ortho Specialist K.K.H, Hail, Saudi Arabia-2012, Fellowship in Arthroscopy, W.L.H, New Delhi-2016. Ex.Attnd:- Orthosurgeon H.S.S. New York, USA Specialised practice in orthopedic subspecialty like spine surgery, knee, hip replacement, arthroscopic surgery, Trauma

Experience : 13 Years

Department : Orthopedic Surgeon

Specialist : Orthopedic Surgeon: Bone and Joint , Orthopedic Surgeon: Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty , Orthopedic Surgeon: Sports Medicine

Location : Nagpur, Maharashtra, India


Monday ( 10AM- 6PM)

Tuesday ( 10AM- 6PM)

Wednesday ( 10AM- 6PM)

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Saturday ( 10AM- 6PM)

Sunday ( 10AM- 6PM)

Work At

Orthopedic excellence

Dhantoli, central polyclinic, Wardha road, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, 440012

Doctor Experiences

Clinic City Role Working
Primus super speciality hospital Abuja , Nigeria Chief spine and joints surgeon 2017 - 2020
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