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Dr. Nuraddeen Bindawa

Dr. Nuraddeen Bindawa

Not Available

Nuraddeen Bindawa 8 years experience

Internal Medicine

MBBS ABU Nov 2012 , MBBS ABU Nov 2012

N 2000

Federal Medical Centre,Katsina

Communicate : By Email , By Call

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About Dr. Nuraddeen Bindawa

I’ve graduated from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in 2012 did internship at Katsina General Hospital did youth service at Ministry of works staff clinic in Abuja and currently a Resident Doctor in Internal Medicine

Experience : 8 Years

Department : Internal Medicine

Specialist : Internal Medicine: Infectious Diseases

Location : Katsina, Nigeria


Monday ( 4PM- 10PM)

Wednesday ( 4PM- 10PM)

Friday ( 4PM- 10PM)

Sunday ( 8AM- 4PM)

Work At

Federal Medical Centre,Katsina

Murtala Muhammad Way , Katsina, Katsina, Nigeria

Doctor Experiences

Clinic City Role Working
General Hospital Ingawa Katsina Medical officer 2016 - 2018
Turai Umaru Yar’adua Maternal and Children hospital Katsina Medical Officer 2014 - 2016
Federal Medical Centre, Katsina Katsina Resident Doctor 2018 - 2020

Doctor Awards

Award Name Year
MBBS award 2012
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