Dr. Jan Al Shishani

Dr. Jan Al Shishani

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Jan Al Shishani 15 years experience

Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery

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Vascular and endovascular surgery clinic

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About Dr. Jan Al Shishani

Vascular and endovascular surgery consultant. Graduated from Jordan University. Attained Jordanian board of general surgery and Jordainan board of vascular and endovascular surgery. Currently an examining member of the Jordanian board of vascular and endovascular surgery. Fellow member of the American college of surgeons and Society of vascular surgery. Currently working at King Hussein Medical Center of the Jordainian Royal Medical Services as a consultant and team leader. Treating all kinds of arterial, venous and lymphatic problems with open surgical, endovascular and hybrid approaches (Arterial occlusions, aneurysms, critical limb ischemias, Hemodialysis access and kidney transplant, varicose veins and venous insufficiency of all grades and types, Arteriovenous malformations, lymphedema, vascular tumors and paragangliomas.... etc).

Experience : 15 Years

Department : Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery

Specialist : Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery: Advanced Aortic Surgery (Aneurysm & Dissection) , Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery: Carotid Endarterectomy , Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery: Peripheral Vascular Procedures , Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery: Varicose Vein Surgeries , Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery: Endovascular & Hybrid Surgeries

Location : Amman, Jordan


Monday ( 4PM- 8PM)

Wednesday ( 1PM- 5PM)

Saturday ( 11AM- 4PM)

Work At

Vascular and endovascular surgery clinic

Medical City Street , Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan

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