Dr. Charles Umeh

Dr. Charles Umeh

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Charles Umeh 5 years experience

Family Physician

Msc surgical science , MBBS

N 1000

Parkers mobile clinic

Communicate : By Email , By Call

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About Dr. Charles Umeh

Dr Charles Umeh is a medical doctor and Telemedicine professional with 4 years experience.He graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria in 2015 and has worked In several hospitals and NGOs since then. As a telemedicine professional,he co-authored "fundamentals of telemedicine and telehealth" published by elsevier in 2019. He is a member of the International Medical Informatics association and Healthcare informatics society of Nigeria. As a social enterpreneur,he operate a mobile clinic Enterprise through which he render healthcare services at the doorstep of vulnerable individuals living in Anambra, Nigeria. For his social work ,he was awarded the Edinburgh University Postgraduate scholarship,Commonwealth Youth Council Covid 19 grant ( http://commonwealthyouthcouncil.com/cyc-announces-the-awardees-of-its-historic-cyccares-mini-grants/), UCB/OPEN IDEO Healthy bone challenge honorable mention grant and the AYADA LAB program grant .

Experience : 5 Years

Department : Family Physician

Specialist : Family Physician- General Medicine Adult

Location : Nigeria


Monday ( 1AM- 11PM)

Tuesday ( 1AM- 11PM)

Wednesday ( 1AM- 11PM)

Thursday ( 1AM- 11PM)

Friday ( 1AM- 11PM)

Saturday ( 1AM- 11PM)

Sunday ( 1AM- 11PM)

Work At

Parkers mobile clinic

13 Oraukwu Crescent , Nkpor,Idemili-north, Anambra state, Nigeria

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