Rajesh Agarwal

30 years experience


About Dr. Rajesh Agarwal


• Performed more than 2000 transplants till date.

• Performed maximum no. of PCNL ( Pre-cutaneous Nephro Lithotomy) in the world (so far more than 20,000).

• Performed Laparoscopic Nephro uretrectectomy in a child less than one year age .

• Performed Pyeloplasty in a child of one day after birth

• Performed Endoscopic surgical management of Uretero Vaginal fistula more than 25 cases.

• Performed Laparoscopic management of Vasico Vaginal Fistula more than 30 cases.

• Performed PCNL in one-month old child.

• BK Patna , best paper award by Urological Society of India -1999, at BHUBANESHWAR. 1999.

• Prize paper presentation in 4th congress of Nephrology, Urology and transplantation society of SAARC countries, Karachi, PAKISTAN 2001.


• Visiting consultant, urologist in University hospital, PointG, Bamako Mali.

• Visiting consultant, urologist in Landmark hospital Ethiopia.

• Visiting consultant, urologist in Halilia Hospital Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia,

• Visiting consultant, urologist in CMCK Hospital, Buzumbura Barundi.

• Visiting consultant, urologist in Royal Medico Complex, Kabul Afghanistan.

• Visiting consultant, urologist and transplant surgeon in National Kidney hospital, Birat Nagar, Nepal.

• Visiting Urologist and Kidney transplant surgeon for Troika Consulting in Abuja, Nigeria.


• Visiting consultant at Cleavland clinic Miami, 2011

• Visiting consultant at Cleavland clinic, Ohio in 2002

• Visiting consultant at Long island Jewish Medical centre, New York in 1998.


Examiner for MCH Urology in Kathmandu University.


M.Ch. (Urology) from Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate, 1996.

Diplomat in Urology National Board of Examinations, 1996.

Diplomat in Gen. Surgery National Board of Examinations, 1991.

M.S.(Surgery) from Institute of Medical Science, BHU, Varanasi, INDIA 1990, Gold Medallist.

M.B.B.S. Institute of Medical Sciences, 1986 , Distinction.


1. American Urological Association

2. Indian Medical Association

3. Urological Society of India

4. Indian Society of Organ Transplantation

5. Indian Red Cross Society

6. North Zone chapter of Urological Society of India

7. American Society of Transplantation.

8. Association of Surgeons of India (North Zone)


● Endourology Performed various endourological procedures of lower and upper urinary treat including conventional and innovative procedures in last twenty years of practice in urology. Performed independently more than 20000 PCNL, about 4000 URS, 4000 TURP, Bladder tumors, endo-ureteroplasty, epispedias repair etc.

● Uro-oncology Performed major uro-oncological surgeries like radical nephrectomy (300), Radical Cystectomy (100), continent urinary diversion, orthotopic neo-bladder, etc.

● Pediatric Urology Performed various pediatric urological cases like posterior urethral valve fulguration, ureteric reimplatation, Pyeloplasty, hypospedias repair(single and multistage), Mitrofenoff diversion etc.

● Reconstructive urology Performed complex reconstructive procedures like Indiana pouch, Mitrofenoff diversion, buccal mucosa graft urethroplasty, prepuceal flap urethroplasty, augmentation Cystoplasty, auto-augmentation of bladder, ileal replacement of ureter, Uretero-calycostomy, calico-vesicostomy, etc.

● Urodynamics Extensive experience of various Urodynamic procedures like pressure flow studies, cystometry, video-Urodynamics, urethral pressure profylometry etc.

● Female Urology Regularly doing incontious surgeries like Trans vaginal tape, rectus sheath mid-urethral sling, Sacro Colpopexy etc.

● Laparoscopic Urology : Extensive experience of various laparoscopic procedures like Nephrectomy , Pyeloplasty , Vasico vaginal fistula repair , Pyelolithotomy, Ureteric reimplantation, Donor Nephrectomy etc.

● Transplantation : Performed more than 2000 kidney transplantations besides, routinely doing donor nephrectomy(both Open & Laparoscopic) and various open and endoscopic procedures for management of transplant related complications. Has training & experiences of clinical management of transplant immunology as well .

Experience : 30 Years

Department : Urologist

Specialist : Urologist: Renal Transplantation , Urologist: Male Infertility , Urologist: Calculi (Kidney Stones) , Urologist: Female Urology

Location : Abuja

Feedbacks for Dr. Rajesh Agarwal
Degree Completion Year
MBBS 1986
MS 1990
Diplomat in Gen. Surgery National Board of Examinations 1991
Diplomat in Urology National Board of Examinations 1996
M.Ch. (Urology) from Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate 1996

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