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Mecure Cancer Hospital Lagos

Mecure Cancer Hospital is an world class standard oncology cancer hospital in Nigeria with laser focus on curing cancer through various recent technologies for treatments and therapy. They are one of the best cancer treatment hospitals in Africa. Some of the services available in their facility includes; cancer diagnostics, chemotherapy, surgical intervention,  radiotherapy, minimally invasive and other advanced cancer treatments. It is the only hospital in Nigeria to have an operation PET CT Scan for cancer diagnosis. Mecure is also considered to be the best cancer hospital in Nigeria. 


Chemotherapy treatment

Radiotherapy treatment of cancer

Hormonal therapy treatment for cancer

PET-CT imaging

Targetted therapy for cancer treatment

Surgical treatment and intervention

Chemotherapy treatment

The Chemotherapy treatment is the use of drugs in carefully controlled dosages to tackle and reduce Patient suffering in cancer treatment.

Surgical treatment of cancer

Mecure offers a team of highly specialized surgeons and support group employing up-to-date treatment technologies to carry out surgeries when the need arises through your journey.

Radiotherapy treatment

They offer radiation therapy treatments using carefully controlled doses of radiation to shrink the tumours and to also destroy and kill off cancer cells.

Immunotherapy cancer treatment

This cancer treatment is done by amplifying your immune system to actively fight against cancer. These immune boosters are affordable and have been made readily and easily available at the facility.

Hormonal therapy cancer treatment

Mecure offers hormone therapy treatments which are used to suppress the growth of cancer using hormones by administering certain prescriptions available at the hospital.

Targetted therapy cancer treatment

This method involves the targeted treatment of cancer by precisely identifying, attacking and destroying cancer cells solely or in combination with other treatments to combat cancer.  



Saving the life of every Patient whilst making them comfortable through the entire process is the foremost priority hence they hold the hand of every single patient and walk through the entire process together with optimism until success is achieved.


They are committed to providing world class treatment to all patients free from bias and stigma and also understanding the importance of timely intervention and decision making at every given stage of cancer treatment, they are fully equipped to take on this task.


Mecure hospital is up-to-date on the most recent technological advancements in cancer care. The recently onboarded PET-CT technology is one of such medical feats and the first of its kind in the whole of West Africa.

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